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Credence (2014) by Mike Buonaiuto 

"Credence tells the story of a family torn apart during the last evacuation on earth after violent storms have made survival impossible. Hope has been found in the form of new worlds that support human life, however due to limited rocket capacity and life expectancy only children are permitted to evacuate, and even then - only the rich have ended up getting tickets. Our short film follows 2 fathers’ decision to make the ultimate sacrifice to give up all their possessions to ensure the survival of their daughter, and the entire human race."

You can help make this film possible by donating here. The behind the scenes is here as well. 

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"you okay, linden?"

"i’m fine"

"you know you.. can talk to me, ‘bout whatever, if you want. i- i’m here."

"i know you are. [pause], can we find the key now?"

"yeah, whatever you say boss"

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God doesn’t want you to be happy, He wants you to be strong.

The Strain premiere was pretty good I’m excited for what Del Toro has in store. :) 

"So many rp/au ideas, no one do to them with."

— A novel by me (via theloneskater)
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one night ultimate werewolf 1 l 2 l 3

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